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Our curriculum

At Condover College, we want our students to build self-esteem, develop key skills and live as fulfilling lives as possible. That’s why we tailor our curriculum to meet individual needs and aspirations through ‘Preparation for Adulthood’.

When a student first joins us, we work with that person and their family to assess individual needs and identify aspirations for the future. We then adapt our three-year curriculum so that every lesson builds towards those aspirations.

This results in a high quality, individual study programme that is underpinned by the five key areas of our Design for Living curriculum.

For students with the aspiration of getting into work, we now offer an Employability Pathway which is designed to lead into a Supported Internship.

Our curriculum focuses on ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ by developing communication, personal, social and independence skills enabling our students to become more confident in making choices and interacting with others.

The development of everyday functional skills, alongside opportunities for work & community engagement support our curriculum offer.

We work hard to make this curriculum as sensory as possible in order to accommodate all the needs of our students – behavioural, cognitive, emotional and communicative.

01. Communication 02. Independence 03. Personal and Social Development 04. Function Skills 05. Work  and Community Engagement
Communication Independent Living Skills Enrichment Literacy (focused session) Team Enterprise
Social Communication Shopping Sensory Experiences Literacy Embedded Work  Skills
Drama Shop & Cook Sensory Relaxation Numeracy (focused session) Work Experience (Internal)
English Speaking Board Cooking Sensory Exploration Numeracy Embedded Work Experience (External)
Makaton Choir Sensory Cooking and Tasting Self Awareness Contact Home Learner Café
Contact Home Home Skills Music, Games & Movement Recap & Review Our Environment
Interactive Music Travel Training Gardening IT (focused Session) Community Access
Story Telling / Sensory Stories Eating & Drinking Creative Arts IT Embedded Citizenship
Self Care Crafts Using Technology
Dance Everyday Technology
Sport & Leisure Music
The Duke of Edinburgh Award


The main function of our curriculum is to develop our students’ confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, according to their needs. However, some students may take externally recognised qualifications such as OCR’s Life and Living Skills (entry levels 1 and 2) and accreditation through the English Speaking Board.

Community engagement

A key part of our curriculum is the development of everyday functional skills that students can use in their day-to-day lives.

It’s important that students have the chance to practice these skills in real-life situations, so many of our educational sessions take place in the community. Here, students learn a variety of skills, such as handling money in shops or cafés, travelling to different locations or learning the Green Cross Code.

Students also have the opportunity to gain skills from work experience. We work hard to match students with placements that complement their interests. In recent years, students have secured placements at libraries, hair salons, stables, fire stations and National Trust properties.

Some students also have the chance to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.