This year, due to COVID, once again our Christmas celebration was held via Zoom. All schemes including the houses, Grafton, Day Opps and Longbow (Head Office) attended. The Zoom event was hosted by Day Opps, starting with a Makaton cover of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ by Longbow: (see below).



Following this, we saw two wonderful videos from Grafton showing what festive activities each group had been up to. These videos were followed by a surprise video from the scheme managers of ‘Driving Home for Christmas’: 


The schedule then went on to announce the finalists and winners of the Steve McGill and Colleague of the Year awards (shown below). Followed by a video filled with thank yous from parents.



Next, it was time to take CCL around the world! Each home was given a country as a theme for the day and were required to provide us with facts about how their country celebrate Christmas. Day Opps introduced the flight, starting with “Attention please! This is a final boarding call for all passengers of flight CCL2021. This special around the world Christmas flight is ready for departure. Could all remaining passengers on flight CCL2021 make their way to boarding gate CCL”. Day Opps introduced each country with a song from Singing Sal – they were fantastic!

First stop: Torrin, where they gave us some wonderful facts about Germany! We were very impressed with the effort they went to!


Next stop: China at the Crescent…

Third stop: Holland at Hall Bank Mews

Next stop: America at Harley Road

Next stop: Italy at High Ridges

Next stop: India at Kynaston

Next stop: Australia at Church View

Next stop: Brazil at Mayfield

Next stop: Hawaii at the Orchard

Next stop: Mexico at Walford Lodge

Next stop: Turkey at the Wheatlands

Next stop: England at Welwyn

Final stop: Lapland! Take a look…


Following this wonderful message from Santa, we were greeted with a performance by a talented local musician. Take a look…


A wonderful day had by all!