CCL’s Learner Voice team is going on-tour! For those of you who aren’t aware of it, we have a team of learner voice representatives who hold regular meetings with Nicky from our Speech & Language Therapy team.

The team consists of Tom, Naomi, Kevin, Nabeel, Hannah and Ben. In Nicky’s words, “Learner Voice provides a forum for the learners to express their views regarding service development and their everyday life. Learners are enabled to do this by being provided with information in a way that is individual and meaningful to them and by giving them the tools and the opportunities to communicate their opinions and choices.”

Since COVID, the team have been unable to hold face-to-face meetings. However, this has not stopped them – Nicky has taken on technology and now holds the meetings via video-call. Now, Nicky and the team are going on-tour virtually! Each month, Nicky and the reps will be asking for volunteers from houses, Day Opps or Grafton to host the monthly meeting, promoting the importance of learner voice.

How will this work with COVID you may ask? Nicky and the team will be attending the meeting remotely from their own schemes, whilst the scheme that is hosting will share how they make decisions, choices and express their views and opinions on matters that are important to them.

Nicky, Tom, Naomi, Kevin, Nabeel, Hannah and Ben are extremely grateful to Church View for volunteering to host the first ‘Learner Voice On Tour’ meeting! Naomi, Learner Voice’s new Head Rep, will report the findings and minutes from their meeting back to the Board of Management in November.