Applying to CCL

At Condover College, we understand that choosing an education, care or opportunities programme is a personal decision.

If you think we might be the right choice for you, the application process is simple. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

  1. First, please fill out our application form.
  2. When we receive your form, we will assess your application to be sure that we are the right place for you.
  3. If we think we might be a good fit for each other, we will visit you at your current school, home and/or respite provider, so we can get to know you.
  4. If this goes well, we’ll invite you to spend some time with us. This will allow you get to know our team and discover everything we have to offer.
  5. We’ll then make our decision. We’re very thorough because we want to make sure we can meet every one of your needs. If we believe we’re the best possible provider for you, and you accept our offer, we’ll submit an application to the relevant funding bodies to support your place.
  6. As soon as funding is confirmed, we’ll develop an individualised plan that will help you settle in and make the most of life at Condover College.

Condover Learner Application Form

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