Our mission, values and aims


CCL will, by individually designed, quality education or opportunities programmes, enable learners to acquire the necessary skills for them to pursue their aspirations and dreams and by quality support promote their fulfilment of those aspirations and dreams.


We believe that the people we support are entitled to the same rights, choices and opportunities as people who do not have disabilities and that it is our responsibility to support them to exercise these rights to lead a fulfilling and fulfilled life.


To provide effective teaching, care and learning support that involves individuals in their own learning and enables them to make progress and achieve success in life skills, personal development and social independence as they make the transition to adult life.

To develop learners’ preferred means of communication in order to promote and enable informed choice in all aspects of their lives.

To enable learners to be active participants in the community in which they live by using mainstream education, leisure and service facilities, and by supporting them to reach their full potential as citizens with rights and responsibilities.

To ensure that all we do in the organisation is truly ‘person centred’, promoting the personal dignity of learners and enabling them to develop greater autonomy and a positive self-image.

To develop learners’ capacity for leading enjoyable and fulfilling lives, irrespective of their disabilities.

To maintain the highest standards through rigorous quality assurance.

To promote the health, safety and well-being of learners at all times.

To offer life-long support and to equip learners with the skills to manage or direct their daily lives as independently as possible.

To pursue these aims through a well-qualified, well-trained, well-supported and valued workforce who share these values and principles.

To work in pursuit of these aims together with learners, families, advocates, ‘significant others’, purchasers and regulators, in a spirit of open and transparent partnership.

These aims reflect the principles of ‘Valuing People’ and contribute to the five outcomes of ‘Every Citizen Matters’.