Our Students

We welcome students aged 18–25 with profound and multiple learning difficulties, moderate to severe learning disabilities, multisensory impairment, autism or other complex needs.

Students come to Condover College from across the country, on a day or residential basis. Their abilities typically range from pre-entry (milestones 1–8) up to entry level 2.

However, because we tailor our curriculum to suit each student, acceptance onto our programme is based on individual assessment.

Our teaching groups

We cater for around 30 students, grouped into classes of five or six. We group students by ability, learning styles and likes or dislikes. Students work in their groups across the curriculum, with all groups joining together for lunch.

We appoint a personal tutor to each group who tracks students’ progress, monitors their health and wellbeing and acts as a point of contact for parents, carers, social workers and other professionals.

Giving students a voice

At Condover College, all students are involved in making choices and decisions about topics that are important to them. Our student council organises regular meetings that are attended by student representatives and supported by the personal social development coordinator and our speech and language therapy team.