Specialist support

Speech and Language Therapy

We believe communication is the foundation of all learning. Our speech and language therapy team comprises two therapists and one therapy assistant, ensuring plenty of one-on-one time with residents.

When a resident joins us, we identify their communication needs and establish long-, medium- and short-term goals for the future. We then monitor their progress across our organisation to make sure we use their communication strategies consistently. At the end of each academic year, every resident receives a SALT report.

Our residents learn in a ‘total communication’ environment. This means our staff use a wide range of resources to meet each residents’s communication needs. Some residents, for example, might use Makaton, while others may use TaSSeLs, eye communication, high-tech AAC, switches or picture support.


Our physiotherapy team takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing. Each week, our residents receive individualised physiotherapy sessions focusing on movement, exercise and manual therapy.

When a  resident first joins us, they undergo a thorough physiotherapy assessment so we can develop their personalised therapy plan. We then review this plan regularly so we can make adjustments as necessary.

Rsidents’ physiotherapy sessions may include treatment for postural problems, sensory integration issues or the use of specialist seating, orthotics, mobility aids and wheelchairs.

We also provide hydrotherapy in our purpose built hydrotherapy centre.

Behavioural support

Everyone at Condover College, from tutors to drivers to our executive team, is trained to manage challenging behaviour through the Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI) approach.

This approach entails getting to know our residents well so that we understand their likes, dislikes and behavioural triggers. We find this allows us to stay one step ahead, able to diffuse or avoid difficult situations often before they occur. This approach minimises the need for restraint.

We are proud to be a designated NAPPI centre of excellence, and we have three in-house NAPPI trainers available to provide expert assistance when necessary.

Note: All specialist support is on a needs assessment and agreed funding.