The 9th of February was a big day at the Grafton Centre, it was’ Sharing Day’, where students showcased what they had achieved so far with their friends and families. The air was alive with anticipation and excitement!

Tracy, our Director of Education, hosted the occasion, and each Tutor group took turns to deliver their presentation. The theme this term covered the six core values of a Condover student – Do your Best, Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Respectful, Make Good Decisions and Listen to Others.

Each group took their turn with confidence in front of their audience to share their achievements.  Green group were first to deliver their achievements, celebrating meeting all of their physiotherapy targets, they have especially been enjoying dance and yoga and had lots to share on the value of ‘being kind to each other’.

Orange group have taken on tasks with gusto and enthusiasm, enjoying music and trying out new things and visiting new places in careers week. A favourite lesson this term has been Sensory Exploration.

Purple group showcased their social action project “All about Ability”, the Certificate of Kindness Award, and shared pictures and stories from their work experience.

The total communication approach at Grafton is completely student-centred so that it is inclusive and accessible for everyone. All groups have total respect for their peers and staff which is so lovely to see.

The excitement was really building from the students after they’d taken to the stage and it was time for the ‘Student Award. ’ it’s a new point-based award introduced this term. Students can be given points for achieving something exceptional or having a ‘wow’ moment! The winner can choose an item or activity of their choice, this term’s winner from orange group chose cycling at sundorne sports village followed by cake!

We want to congratulate Becky McGuiness, Curriculum Manager who won the “Staff Star of the Term“ award for all her guidance and support to staff as well as organising fantastic opportunities for all the learners.

The afternoon finale was entertainment by Gersom our music therapist who engaged the audience with a whole group music session including the beamz and lots of percussion instruments so everyone could join in. The afternoon ended with an opportunity to buy some of the items the students have been making in enterprise sessions this year. After that everyone enjoyed a catch up with friends and family accompanied by refreshments and cakes. it was a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by all.