As many of you may know, Church View have had a garden cat for years. One day he just showed up in the garden and has never left! He is a black and white cat and the ladies have named him Socks. They all love him at Church View, especially Hollie, and they even asked Vikki to buy him a house for when it’s cold. The guys love to feed him and he loves to be fed – he is always ‘meowing’ for more food! He is friendly but he won’t let anyone pick him up.

A couple of months ago, two more cats showed up – another black and white one and a ginger one. Unfortunately, there was a bit of fighting, so the new black and white one soon disappeared! However, the ginger one stayed and even joined in with Emma’s birthday celebrations in the garden (as shown in the picture). Unfortunately, the ginger cat turned into a bully to Socks, so, after a few times meeting her, Amy’s mum offered to take her home. Prior to this, Anna had advertised the cats on ‘Next Door’, an app for neighbourhoods to share news, but she had heard nothing back.

When Fran Llewellyn (Amy’s mum) took the ginger cat home, she took it to the vets to get its microchip checked. In an unexpected turn of events, the cat was microchipped and when the vet contacted the owners, they found out the car had been missing since 2015 and was from Welshpool! The owners were overjoyed to be reunited after all these years!

Fran received a lovely message from the owners: “I would like to thank you and your daughter for taking care of her and also for playing your part in reuniting us. We had Holly from a kitten and she had been living with us happily, with our other cat, for 8 years. We moved house in 2015 and unfortunately she went missing.  We were all devastated. Then someone local found a ginger cat at the side of the road,  unfortunately deceased,  and it was Holly’s double.  So we all thought the worst had happened to her and buried her in our garden.  We didn’t even think to go and get the cat scanned for a microchip.”

They added: “So the call we received 2 weeks ago totally blew our minds!! We could not believe that our little Holly had survived all this time!! She was never one for venturing very far,  so we didn’t think she would cope on her own. She has settled in amazingly well.  She is making the most of everyone’s bed and eating really well… Again a big thank you,  Holly means the world to us and we are so so lucky to have her back.”

What a wonderful story with a happy ending! Thank you to Church View for sharing.