All the funded new learners now have physiotherapy programmes and hydrotherapy programmes. We have enjoyed getting to know the learners who began in September, and it feels like they have been here for ages.

Now that all the hydro programmes are done, we are once again working in each hydrotherapy session in turn, reviewing programmes and troubleshooting. Contact us if you are having any specific hydro problems and we will try to help. Hydro training is continuing every two weeks.

Our schedule has changed so that we now do residency visits so that learners who are unable to access Longbow House do not miss out on their therapy. Mayfield, Wheatlands, the Crescent and Harley Road currently benefit from this service.

All our learners work really hard, but we would like to highlight the achievement of one of the Hall Bank Mews residents, who stood with a walking frame for the first time in March. It has taken her a long time, and a lot of hard work, so very well done Ruth, and we hope to build on this success!

Finally, we hope to be welcoming a new part time physiotherapist to the team very soon. This will then enable us to increase our sensory interventions and provide more support and guidance to staff, as well as increasing training and being able to attend more clinic appointments.