Communication is an essential part of our daily life, yet many of us take the ability to communicate through speech and gesture for granted.  As a young adult I did some work on a Stroke Rehabilitation Ward and understood then the impact of communication difficulties.

Fascinated by the human mind and behaviour I studied Psychology at University, and with an understanding of the links between behaviour and communication, I latterly embarked on a degree in Speech and Language Therapy.  When I began my career as a Speech and Language Therapist I did so because I wanted to help others communicate – I genuinely feel that helping individuals achieve their communicative potential is an enormous privilege.

I applied to work with Condover College because I feel strongly that Speech and Language Therapy input should continue for individuals with learning disabilities once they’ve left children’s services.  Supporting the adult learners here, who have varied and complex communication needs, is immensely rewarding and I am very excited about my new role.