The Grafton DofE students have completed all of the required units for the Bronze Award, with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Congratulations to 7 of our Grafton students who have completed The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award.

The award requires 4 completed units; volunteering, physical activities, skills and expedition.

The students have been busy completing a variety of tasks including volunteering at local businesses. Daisy and Megan have volunteered at the local church, Katie at a children’s nursery, Lewis and Mikey at the library, Michael has been litter picking and Riad has been busy at the local charity shop. The evidence, including pictures, are then recorded in their individual scrapbooks.

All 7 students visited the Long Mynd Adventure Camp for the expedition and a night away. The group were responsible for helping to put up the tent, pump up the beds, cook, and make packed lunches. The students participated in a range of activities during the 2 days including walks, orienteering and nature activity sheets.

Lauren, the DofE coordinator said “The group have had a fantastic time. Everyone in the group has helped with the planning of the trip including making sure we have the right kit. The group helped with setting up the camp and they all worked really well as a team”.

Following the success of our first group completing their DofE Bronze Award last year, it is fantastic to see another group of students completing their award this summer. It is a great opportunity to develop skills, gain confidence, and make some fantastic memories. Well done to Grafton DofE 2019!