Mike an employee of CCL had this to say about this fabulous benefit:

“It was so easy. I was aware we had a job vacancy coming up, for a senior physiotherapist, and I knew someone who I thought would be good fit for the job. I simply told my friend a little about the role and she requested more information from CCL, had an interview and got the job. I’m pleased to say 6 months on it’s a win, win, win for my friend Ceri as she is enjoying the job. CCL are very happy with the appointment; Ceri completed her induction and I received a bonus of £100, not bad for just talking to a friend. When she has been here for a year, I will get another bonus of £100 but obviously, we want Ceri to stay a lot longer than that.”

Mike’s friend Ceri started at CCL in July 2022 after her friend Mike told her about the job and this is what she said about the scheme “I felt confident applying as he was able to answer a lot of my questions and I felt reassured with the company being recommended. I was quickly made to feel part of the team and valued as an employee. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend to work at CCL under the referral scheme”.

There are many other benefits of working for Condover College apart from the Referral Scheme, these include training and development, pension, access to discount cards, 10-year service awards, flexible work, free gym membership at the Shrewsbury Club, free vaccinations for care and counselling service. Please contact Gill Ward via email  gill.ward@condovercl.org.uk for more information so you can benefit too .