Maths Week at The Grafton Centre

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Maths Week at The Grafton Centre

Students at CCL’s Grafton Centre thoroughly enjoyed a wide range of activities that focused on creating, making and performing for Maths Week.

Maths Week activities were shared by Natspec, who are an association for organisations offering specialist provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

With plenty of ideas on ways to incorporate a variety of maths skills into the day, it was an opportunity to get creative and have lots of fun with numbers.

Students added mathematical skills into their daily activities at the college including; measuring the ingredients for cooking, making number decorations in art and recording student heart rates after physical activities.

Grafton Tutor, Arran Holdsworth, who led Maths Week this year said “Everyone at the college made a great effort to incorporate numeracy in to their daily activities. It was great to see the students having fun, being creative and learning new skills at the same time”.

To sum it up, everyone had a fantastic week!

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